Preparation Tips For Driveways To Be Seal Coated

Driveways are a key feature of homes in Georgia. They are not just a way for providing a moving space for vehicles and other heavy equipment but also make an important part of the external landscape. However, being in direct exposure to the external atmosphere, they are subjected to some of the strongest forces of nature, which results in their early deterioration. This is why many people consider having asphalt seal coating services from in Georgia.

Here are some tips that help in preparing the driveways for the seal coating process.

Weather report

One of the first things to do is to check the weather report with the news channel and have an idea about the expected conditions. If any type of snowing or raining is expected within twenty-four to thirty-six hours, postpone your plans of seal coating the driveways as it can seriously damage the coating before it is solidified properly for usage.


One should make sure that the driveways are almost devoid of any dust particles, chalk, or especially fertilizer material before applying the coats, almost two to four days prior to applying the seal coating. If there are any such agents present, make sure to have a deep cleaning session for it before beginning with the process.

Checking overgrowth

Besides the above practices, it is also important for the person to have a seal coating of their driveways to ensure that any grass or vegetation along the lawns adjacent to them are not having any overgrowth. It can disturb the asphalt from absorbing the coating material and therefore should be mown properly before the process.

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