Challenges of Arranging a Corporate Massage Therapy and Their Solution

A few problems such as budget, scheduling, liability, compliance, etc. can occur when organizing corporate massage therapy at office. To solve these issues effectively, it is very important to gain an understanding of them in detail.


Some businesses find that the amount incurred on corporate massage therapy goes beyond their budget. Billing it “under the corporate wellness budget”, for finance corporate massages. This is an effective method to solve this issue. Another method is by organizing the massage event in the form of a health fair. The idea here is to combine budget with different departments of the company to pay for it.


London is the best place to find corporate massage providers for varying business types and sizes. It is a cumbersome task to manage the schedule of workplace massage in London. To effectively assign the slot of 15 minute for massage can prove to be a mess. One of the ways to solve this issue is by assigning the task of sign-ups (to corporate massage) to one person in your company. This is the most cost effective and simple method to manage it.

This sign-up process will include the list of employees who have enrolled for massage treatment. In a small size company, it can be an easy task but for big companies, you will need to appoint someone to manage the list and schedule it properly.

Growth of the company

This problem happens in large size companies. In such scenarios, there is less time to provide massage to all the interested employees. To solve this mess, you can keep a chair massage program. In this program, a team can track with the staffing level by simply increasing their hours or days.


Now with this information, you can easily resolve the commonest types of massage therapy issues in different business. If you are interested, feel free to visit:

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