A Guide To Landscape Designing

Landscape deigning basically concerns with a well groomed lawn that has neatly cut grass, weed less flower beds and an added aesthetic sense to the property. With a changing face of architecture and designing, even landscape designing has gone into a whole new level.

Landscape and its designing

Landscaping can be categorized into hardscaping and softscaping.

Hardscaping in Westchester, NY is associated with landscape design that involves using materials such as metals, stones, timber, brick and concrete to create a design. It involves creating a design process, and a plan to integrate these objects into deck and patio construction. A professional landscaping design would take care of hardscaping before going into softscaping. To enjoy these landscapes fully, landscape companies also create a walkway or a path along the property, thus enhancing the landscaping experience.

Softscaping is involved with putting plants, shrubs, flowers, flower beds, mowing, digging, trimming, spraying and water features and the like into an aesthetically pleasing and imaginative way to create naturally charming looking driveway, patio or deck to a property.

Many landscaping companies provide a full fledged landscape design in Westchester NY that takes into consideration the hardscaping, creating water features and using these elements into a well defined theme to give a beautiful looking landscaped exterior. These companies provide full services from designing to complete clean up after the project completion. Many of them provide free consultation before starting up with e project.

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