Routine Eye Test: Important For Clear Vision

When you visit an optometrist to buy new glasses or lenses, they usually test your eyes so that you can get the glasses made with the current number. How much is an eye test useful depends on the procedure followed during the examination. Opticians generally check your eye’s vision ability by implementing a visual acuity test.

Different Types of Eye Tests

When you visit an optometrist, he checks your vision by conducting a Visual acuity test. A visual acuity test evaluates how well you can see. In this test, the patient is asked to recognize the letters printed on the Big E chart or alphabets that appear on a screen kept at a distance. The alphabets become small gradually as you proceed downwards. They test your eyes one by one. Each eye is examined separately and you have to read the alphabets. When you are not able to identify the alphabets, they give you lenses that help you to see the alphabets. They conduct a Refraction test to determine the right lenses for you that would make it easier for you to see. This way, they test your far-sightedness.

The optometrist also conducts external eye examinations by using a slit lamp. A slit lamp is a magnifying device that is used to test your cornea and iris. It examines the external parts of your eyes that are in front of it.

Optometrists check for color-blindness among patients by using cards of different colors. They also have cards with dots of various colors arranged in different patterns that test color deficiency. you can have any of these eye tests at home with the help of experts such as Home Direct Eyecare

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