Get To Know About Human Hair Wigs

A common problem that is faced by the people these days is hair loss which in some cases also leads to baldness. This is a huge problem for the women and one of the most effective solutions to this problem is the wig. The wigs are available in huge variants. You can get them in human hairs as well as synthetic hairs. Those who wish to invest in good quality wigs buy the ones made from real hairs. The real hair wigs demand great care and you need to know that they are also available in two types, wigs made from processed hairs and wigs made from unprocessed hairs.

Processed hair wigs

As the name suggests, the hairs are processed chemically to give them a certain look. Most often, the hairs are soaked in highly acidic bath. As a result, the cuticles and natural characteristics of the hairs are removed. These hairs can easily be colored and processed to achieve different results. After the processing, the strands are coated with silicone to boost the shine and appearance. These are a bit cheap as compared to the unprocessed hair wigs.

Unprocessed hair wigs

These hairs do not undergo any type of treatment and have the cuticles intact. These are also called as virgin hairs and when you buy these wigs they give a natural feel as they have natural hairs. You will not face the issue of tangling with these hairs and can also get them styled in the salon. These are a bit expensive but have a long life if taken care of.

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