Different Types Of Running That You Can Add To Your Exercise

Running forms the very basic and most complete exercise for the human body. It requires movement in almost all the body parts and activates almost all the systems in the body. While running can be done anytime and anywhere, it is best advised in the morning and at the night. At night, it should be done wearing high viz running vests to avoid any chance of accidents.

Running can be a basic exercise however there can be different variations that can be added to it for desired benefits. These variations are:

Base Run – Base Runs are short runs at normal running paces done frequently while on the move. Base Runs add to the endurance, running economy, and aerobic capacity. They are also done to improve your overall mileage.

Progression Run – Progression runs require you to start at a low pace and build it up gradually to the possible high pace. This serves as a moderate running exercise and can be used to improve and attain higher speeds and stamina in a step by step process.

Hill Repeats – One of the tougher ones, hill repeats are repeated tasks of short and hard uphill running. Uphill running aims to increase pain tolerance, fatigue resistance, aerobic power and also running strength. Hill repeats are done as a measure to develop greater strength for further finer training.

Fartlek – Fartlek is a running technique that involves the mixing of base running of different durations, distances, and speeds. This practice helps to develop speed and stamina during theearly phase of running training.

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